72. Consent

Marriage Bites! Podcast
Marriage Bites! Podcast
72. Consent

You've probably heard about consent when it comes to the physical body. But I doubt you've heard about it talked about in this context.

Back in episodes 48 and 49, we talked about the 4 C's for having a hard conversation. But we realized that we missed one, a REALLY important one.

This episode adds a 5th “C” to this list.

If you find yourself avoiding conversations with your partner, or going around and around in circles and making no progress, or even worse–getting so angry that you give each other the silent treatment for days–these episodes are what you need!!!

Thing is–you can't force your spouse to have a conversation with you. You can't make them listen. But you CAN provide the environment for them to feel safe enough to discuss something without either one of you losing your cool.

This has been an absolute game-changer for us, and I really think it can be for your relationship, too.


48. Creating Safety in Communication https://open.spotify.com/episode/3YPOSFuNjAkBkn0TR4oopf?si=VfbUyjwfTR6lZbIMI_vUxg

49. How to Have hard Conversations


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