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The words we use matter! Words have a vibrational frequency. They carry emotion.

Chances are, you’ve been told many times that marriage requires compromise. Compromise means nobody really gets what they want. This idea carries with it a feeling of lack, of not being able to have what you want.

I replace compromise with collaboration. This means working together to find a way for everyone in the group to get what they want. Do you see how much more open that feels?

As we work together, I can show you how your ideas of how relationships are “supposed to be” are keeping you stuck in old patterns, keeping you from getting what you want.

As you expand yourself, your relationship also expands. The two of you become far more than you could each be on your own.

I will teach you how to:

  • Maintain connection, no matter your work schedules
  • Manage your stress, and stop trying to manage theirs
  • Learn how to understand and support each other, rather than compete with each other
  • Rekindle the love you felt when you got married
  • And so much more!

How does that sound?

Ready to get started?

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I truly love working with Andelin! She is so natural and comfortable in our sessions that you automatically feel that she is trustworthy. You can feel she genuinely wants to help you find peace in all aspects of your life. I always leave our sessions with a clearer mind and the confidence to live my life how I truly want.

– Heidi N.

Having a coach is something unique and so important! I feel like I have a good amount of knowledge on the topic of mental health and I have a keen sense of self-awareness and of my issues, and even then, it’s so helpful to talk through issues in this meaningful way. Our thoughts are what causes us so much suffering and pain and it takes some work to reprogram them when necessary. I love this method because it is freeing to know that I can change my thought process to create the life I want, and to show up as the person I want to be.  Andelin is kind, patient and helpful!

– Christine P.

Working with Andelin helped me grow in many personal areas. I was able to learn practical skills to enhance different areas of my life. She challenged some of my thoughts and behaviors directly in a nonjudgmental way, and opened my eyes to some of my thinking errors that led to behaviors that didn’t serve me. I appreciate her professionalism and gentleness while helping me through some very difficult times. She made my life better. Thank you.

– Jen W.