60. Addiction and Relationships Pt. 2 | With Cathi Marcus

Marriage Bites! Podcast
Marriage Bites! Podcast
60. Addiction and Relationships Pt. 2 | With Cathi Marcus

In Part 2, we don't talk as much about addiction directly, but dive more into relationship dynamics. We start by discussing where she was in her journey when her current marriage relationship began. We talk about how the need to prove ourselves to others affects how we show up for ourselves and in our relationships. We also talk about trauma and conditioning–the similarities and differences between the two.

The importance of the connection with the body is also mentioned.

And we end with hope–that by hearing stories like Cathi's, that others will know that there is hope for them to be able to break addictions, improve their lives, and have happy, loving relationships.

Cathi Marcus is a Certified, Professional Life & Career Coach with over 2 decades of client success who specializes in mindset, personal fulfillment, addiction recovery and spiritual awakening.  Cathi is also the author of the published book (link to book on Amazon here https://cathimarcuscoaching.com/author/) called Addictionland: The Raw Details of My Spiritual Awakening from like Every Freaking Addiction Under the Sun!”

Cathi takes pride in sharing her deepest, darkest life experience and extensive education so that you may find your own freedom, whether you are the addict or someone affected by the disease of addiction. Cathi has struggled through her own addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, unhealthy relationships (and so much more), and now lives her best life through enlightening perspectives, loving attitudes and gentle practices that support each person’s highest, authentic expression. 

Listen to this podcast if you are interested in gaining a better understanding of the disease of addiction and how to be personally empowered to gain all you are meant to gain through the experience of your life exactly as it is in this moment of time.


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