50. Keep the “Brain BS” Out of Your Relationship Pt. 1 | With Maureen Kafkis

Marriage Bites! Podcast
Marriage Bites! Podcast
50. Keep the "Brain BS" Out of Your Relationship Pt. 1 | With Maureen Kafkis

Is “Brain BS” messing with your relationship? (Spoiler alert: it probably is!) Maureen and I had a GREAT conversation about this, and more importantly, we talk about what to do about it!

This conversation was so amazing that we decided to divide it into two parts. (twice as nice, am I right?) Subscribe so you don't miss the second half next week!!

Maureen Kafkis is the host of The Brain BS Podcast. The podcast where thought work, emotional intelligence, Human Design and Universal Law come together to empower humans to master their brain BS (subconscious and unconscious programming) for success and create a nervous system to support it
Maureen is a doctor of occupational therapy, a certified life coach, and an expert on brain BS. Her mission is to motivate humans to learn how to live consciously and approach life in a collaborative way where we all support one another and raise the vibration of the planet together .

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Books mentioned:

“Us: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship,” by Terrence Real


Why Talking Is Not Enough” by Susan Page


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